Photo of Tim Barton Growing up during the 60’s and 70’s I saw the monetary effects of sure thing stock investments that went sour. It seemed all the adults around me who did not keep their money in safe investments like insurance, banks and government bonds lost most of it. They would be feeling invincible for a while. But at a later date when they stopped by to visit their conversations turned to the gloomy reality of lost retirement funds; including my father.

As I came of age the stockbrokers whom now a days call themselves financial planners begin calling on me to invest with them. Memories flooded back of all those family friends and relatives’ pain of losing their hard earned dollars. This gave me incentive to investigate all things financial.

In 1976 I decided to enter the retirement planning business only I vowed to never cause anyone to lose money following my advice. In order to keep that promise I practice insurance based retirement/financial planning.

My promise to my clients and myself has been kept.

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Tim Barton
Chartered Financial Consultant
Chartered Adviser for Senior Living
Chartered Life Underwriter

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